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Aviation 2000 Rates and Fees For Service

  • Rates for service are quoted on a per pilot basis for each course of training offered.
  • ATP / DA-20 / 2000
  • Call for specific rates for each course of training.
  • Time is scheduled based on the standard course outline; however, it will be adjusted as necessary considering the flight department's flight schedule, pilot experience level, or other anticipated factors. The rate per pilot includes any specific factors previously anticipated.
  • All expenses incurred by the Aviation 2000 Inc. Instructor Pilot(s), and / or DE-PPE, including transportation and accommodations, will be billed at cost.
  • A deposit is required to secure and confirm training dates.
  • Special rates for contract service available. Call for details.
  • A complete list of rates and fees, along with our policy and procedures, is available upon request.
  • Expenses for long term assignment or international assignments may be required prior to the event. All expenses related to aircraft operation (direct or indirect) to be paid by owner/operator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many pilots can attend training ?

Each of our course formats is designed for either one or two pilots at a time. However, we can train additional pilots or crews during the same event with an additional amount of time added to the scheduled event.


Q:  If we have to fly our aircraft to accomplish the flight training, won't this end up costing more than if we trained in a flight simulator ?

No. Including all of the direct costs to the aircraft, and the cost of training utilizing Aviation 2000 Inc. the final cost is still substantially less than the other training method. We can supply a cost vs. cost profile so that you can see the difference for yourself. And remember, that along with the cost savings is the savings in time, which is in it self a very valuable commodity to you and your department. Aviation 2000 Inc. saves you both time and money, while providing the highest quality of service.


Q:  Is your training approved by Insurance Companies ?

Since we operate under the pilot training and certification guidelines of FAR part 61, there is no specific approval required. All of the major insurance companies that we have worked with accept our programs.


Q:  Do we have to shut down our daily flight schedule during the time training is being accomplished ?

No. We have designed our course outlines so that we can, if necessary, accomplish all of the training and checks while working within your own flight schedule. If required by your flight schedule, we will even train during off hours, between your flight schedule, or even at a remote facility.


Q:  For the Type Rating check, or the 61.58 PIC check, what maneuvers are required ?

The specific areas of operation, tasks, and objectives, can be reviewed by the pilot by referring to the guidelines established by the FAA in their publication AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT and TYPE RATING PRACTICAL TEST STANDARDS FAA-8081-5C. A copy of this can be obtained at your local FBO, Flight School, or through a catalog such as Sporty's.


Q:  Can we accomplish just the annual 61.58 PIC checks without incorporating training at the same time ?

Yes. If your schedule does not allow for training at the time of the required PIC checks, our PPE can administer just the 61.58 check, accomplished for a crew in a single day.


Q:  How do you train and practice those specific maneuvers or procedures that cannot be done in flight, or would be considered unsafe ?

Those specific procedures or maneuvers, or demonstrations of system malfunctions, are accomplished on the ground. The aircraft can be supplied power through the GPU, and then used as a FTD (flight training device). This method provides for excellent training and the desired training results, while maintaining safety.


Q:  Which is better, flight training or simulator training ?

One complements the other. For a professional pilot with previous professional training which has included simulator based training, flight training is essential. There is no better way to improve a pilot's skills and experience, and understanding the aircraft capability, than actual flight training in the aircraft.


Q:  How is it possible that your pilot initial course takes only a week, where the course at the simulator based training company takes over two weeks ?

There is nothing better than hands on training, and when your crews train at and in the real aircraft, the transfer of knowledge is much better, faster, and more complete. In fact, the first day of training is right there at the aircraft, completing a preflight, getting an overview of the systems, learning how to service the aircraft, and working through all of the checklist, including start and taxi. "Nothing beats the real thing".


Q:  After you have completed the training of a pilot or crew, can you stay on and ride with them for the first couple of passenger flights to give them a little operational experience and training ?

Of course. This "Initial Operating Experience" ( I.O.E. ) program, which we call our " ride along service," has been very successful with many new operators. The crew simply flies the trip, with Aviation 2000 either in the jump seat, or acting as a crewmember. Call us for more details about this service.


Aviation 2000 Inc.

“Proud to be an American! 09-11-01”

Information for our Current Clients

We will try to keep you informed about operational issues, regulatory matters, and information concerning safety, on a regular basis by updating this page as often as necessary. If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to post something here, please let us know.


  • 03/27/2018  COMING SOON …………………… Service for the Falcon 50 and 900.
  • 03/27/2018  Brian Mott has just received additional duties and responsibilities from the FAA as a Designated Airman Certification Representative (ACR), able to conduct Flight Instructor Renewals, issue Remote Pilot certificates, issue U. S. Certificates based on Foreign Pilot License, issue FAA Pilot Certificates based on Military Competence, and issue Ground Instructor certificates.
  • 03/27/2018  Marks our 20th year providing service, and looking forward to many more years being of service to the aviation community.
  • 03/06/2015  BFR? Hangar 32, a division of Aviation 2000 Inc. is now available for BFR's in your aircraft. Call to schedule.  
  • OPERATING AN OLDER AIRCRAFT ? : If your flight department owns and operates one of the older out-of-production Falcon aircraft, permit AVIATION 2000 INC. to provide your crews with selected training to ensure greater aircraft dependability, higher reliability, lower operating cost, and continued operating of a valued asset of the company. This is a simple one day course that will yield benefits the very first day. (posted 10-21-2011)
  • Initial Operating Experience ( I.O.E. ) program. If you are new to the Falcon 2000, or have a newly trained crew ( trained by Aviation 2000 or by brand X ), then our I.O.E. program may be just the Rx. Our " Ride-a-Long " service can be customize to offer just that little bit of extra training and experience needed. Call for info. original posted Oct 01 REPOSTED 04-08-09
  • Press Release: JAA Processing Request for Aviation 2000 Inc. as "Approved Flight Training Provider": We have submitted our training programs for approval by the Joint Airworthiness Authority and are awaiting authorization as an approved flight training provider in accordance with the JARs. We will keep you informed on final approval. posted January 4, 2004 UPDATE April 09, After more that four years, thousands of $, and countless forms submitted, Aviation 2000 has decided to no longer try to work with the "euro winnies" and their ridiculous rules and requirements. Truly, it is understandable why the U.S. has come to the aid of europe so many times to "save their behinds". What a bunch of bureaucrats! 04-08-09
  • BRIAN LEE MOTT, now a Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Representative Member. July 16, 2008. "I will do the best job possible." Brian Mott 10/08
  • August 19, 2008: Aviation 2000 celebrates 10 years in operation. "Thank you to all of our wonderful clients that have made it possible to continue to provide our service. We will look forward to many more years of providing the very best service possible." Oct. 2008
  • Second in Command Pilot Type Rating: The FAA published (Aug. 05) the new rule regarding the SIC Type Rating. REF: FAR 61.55d. Contact us for more information and how we can officially process the required application. 05-04-06
  • Second-in-Command Type Rating: As of August 4 2005, the FAA has adopted the new ruling regarding the SIC Type Rating that can be used to satisfy the JAA / ICAO requirement for both pilots operating a U.S. Registered aircraft to type rated. AVIATION 2000 Inc. can provide this for any operator wishing to have their SIC meet the ruling without having to complete an entire Initial Course of training with the issuance of an unrestricted Type Rating conducted with a Practical Test. Call us for more info. 08/10/05
  • DRVSM: For anyone who has not yet accomplished training for authorization to fly in DRVSM Airspace, or perhaps are bringing into the flight department a pilot who needs the training and sign-off, Aviation 2000 Inc. has a simple but comprehensive "via-the-internet" course that can get the job done in just a few brief hours of study. Call to get the details. Posted Nov.10, 2005
  • " AIR CARRIER 2455 to GENERAL AVIATION 642 " That's to say that in February 2005, 2455 ASRP reports were filed by the Air Carrier's versus only 642 by General Aviation. " Do they have more to say then we do ? " No, but they do a better job of it ! : The NASA ARC 277B and corporate aviation. The FAA established the Aviation Safety Reporting System ( ASRP ) to identify issues in the aviation system which need to be addressed. These issues, which can be related to safety as well as other items of interest or concern, can be reported through the use of the NASA 277 form. The entire program is explained and can be read in the DOT / FAA Advisory Circular 00-46D. GOT SOMETHING TO SAY...........THEN SAY IT USING THE 277 FORM.
  • As AVIATION 2000 moves into its 7th. year of operation, we wish to thank everyone for their support and confidence, and we promise to continue providing the very best service possible. 02/19/05
  • Quote: "AVIATION 2000 Inc., the "well' of knowledge. Where pilots, thirsty for knowledge, come to dip their cups." Unknown 1998. I'm not sure about that statement, but remember, if you have questions, just give us a call. We will do our best to get you an answer. original posting / revision 06/01 revised again Feb. 2005
  • REVIEW of RADAR OPERATIONS and PROCEDURES: Well, for most of us summer is just around the corner, and so will the increase in thunderstorm activity. Take the time to review RADAR operations, procedures, and interpretation, so that you are once again familiar with your equipment. Perhaps we can provide offer a short refresher course for you and your flight department. 04-05-04
  • Do you know a flight department that is taking delivery of a new or used Falcon 2000? Let them know that Aviation 2000 Inc. offers I.O.E. (Initial Operating Experience) service. It's a great way for them to get their operation up and running more effectively. Thanks! July 2003
  • Press Release: JAA Processing Request for Aviation 2000 Inc. as "Approved Flight Training Provider": We have submitted our training programs for approval by the Joint Airworthiness Authority and are awaiting authorization as an approved flight training provider in accordance with the JARs. We will keep you informed on final approval. posted January 4, 2004
  • Initial Operating Experience ( I.O.E. ) program. If you are new to the Falcon 2000, or have a newly trained crew ( trained by Aviation 2000 or by brand X ), then our I.O.E. program may be just the Rx. Our " Ride-a-Long " service can be customize to offer just that little bit of extra training and experience needed. Call for info. posted Oct 01
  • NOT JUST THE SAME OLD THING. Looking for something different? Remember, when your planning your next training session, just let us know what items or areas of interest you would like as far as topics of discussion. We can customize the academic portion of the course to make it a truly worthwhile event. EXAMPLES of TOPICS that have been accomplished with other flight departments to date: : Approach criteria: TERPS review, Airspace Review, Expanded Performance, LAHSO, The A.S.R.P. and the NASA 277 form, COLD WX. OPERATIONS, Review of NSTB part 830, AIRPORT SURFACE OPERATIONS, Wet Runways and the effect on aircraft performance, AIRCRAFT TIRES; A review, A review of aircraft performance with reference to FAR Part 25. High Alt. Flight. ETC. ETC. ETC. Original Posting 06/01 Revision 07/01
  • HAVE YOU SCHEDULED TRAINING and CHECK RIDES YET ? If you require training and/or check rides to maintain currency, don't wait till the last minute to call us. We suggest that you schedule at least six months in advance to secure the dates that are convenient for your operation. Some departments have scheduled a year in advance to assure a schedule! Aviation 2000 must operate on a first come, first serve basis, so call us now to get yourselves on the schedule. A deposit confirms schedule dates. original posting / revision 06/01
  • STATUS of AIRCRAFT PUBLICATIONS. If you are interested in ensuring that your aircraft manuals are up to date, don't forget to visit www.falconjet.com to view current publications. original posting / revision 06/01


  • READY for FAA NEXT-GEN ? The future is here ! WAAS, ADS-B, SAAAR, RNAV, BNAV, LNAV, and the list goes on. "WILL YOU BE READY". Aviation 2000 Inc. is trying to keep you up to date. oct.2010
  • Read the AFM": Have questions regarding the proper operation of the aircraft? Have issues during your 142 training been raised about how to correctly operate the aircraft? If you have questions about, or have been instructed in a manner that appears to be contrary to normal operational concepts, get out the AFM and Aircraft Operations Manual and read it for yourself. You may be surprised at the vast amount of information that the factory provides. Fly Safe. posted 10-15-2009
  • THE BOSS PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR THAT GIZMO SO YOU BETTER USE IT ! For those of you who operate an aircraft with an HEADS UP GUIDANCE SYSTEM (HGS), there is no reason why you shouldn't use it for all phases of flight. It's a great tool for directing more of your attention outside the aircraft, especially in high density traffic areas. Yes, it can be used for CAT 1 approaches. original post July 31, 2003 REPOSTED 04-08-09
  • First Phase of FREE FLIGHT system now in effect: For information concerning this very important step you can reference the NATIONAL AIRSPACE REDESIGN (NAR), HIGH ALTITUDE AIRSPACE REDESIGN PHASE I program address in the DOT FAA Advisory Circular AC90-99, which describes the Reference Grid of Waypoints available for flight planning above FL390. This Non-Restrictive Routing (NRR) and Point-to-Point (PTP) is available for use in the 7 northwest ARTCC. Check it out and start saving fuel and time. For more info. visit the faa's website on High Alt. Airspace at http://www2.faa.gov/ats/nar/har_section.htm posted Jan. 2004
  • SIMULTANEOUS CLOSLEY SPACED PARALLEL OPERATIONS / PRECISION RUNWAY MONITOR SYSTEM ( ILS-PRM ): The FAA has released Advisory Circular No. 90-98 dated 02/28/03, to notify pilots and operators about procedures to conduct PRM approaches. With current locations at Minneapolis-St. Paul MSP and Philadelphia PHL, and future operations at St. Louis STL, San Francisco SFO, Atlanta ATL, JFK, and Cleveland CLE. Be ready to go with proper training, which includes viewing the 15 minute FAA video “ ILS PRM Approach: Information for Pilots”. Aviation 2000 can provide a great presentation on this subject to your flight department. Posted 05/01/03
  • LAND and HOLD SHORT OPERATIONS: Has your flight department reviewed all of the available information concerning LAHSO? Check out the following; Airmans info. Manual 4-3-11, 2-1-5, and Dept. of Trans. / FAA Notice 7110.199 for a review. Or during your next refresher with AVIATION 2000 Inc., ask to have it included into the curriculum. Posted 09/02
  • "What's it doing now?" We have all used that phase when flying, probably more during our first few flights while we got familiar with the new avionics and automation. However, from time to time we may still find ourselves using that phase to help make excuses for our own mistakes. Remember that the avionic packages and automation installed in your aircraft is designed to reduce cockpit workload, thereby freeing us to more important tasks, and permitting us to increase our situational awareness. If the technology increases the cockpit workload, or causes distractions from the more important tasks, then perhaps its time to go back to basics. Just because its there doesn't mean we have to use it all the time. posted 02/02
  • ARE YOUR PASSENGERS PAYING ATTENTION TO THOSE BRIEFINGS ? As that great comedian Rodney Dangerfield says, "I DON'T GET NO RESPECT". Maybe you don't either ! The company aircraft provides a valuable tool to any corporation. However, flying the same passengers on a routine basis does often mean that those very same passengers become complacent about seat belts, and cabin safety. If you don't fly with a cabin attendant, then make sure they are paying attention to the briefing. If you use those electronic briefings, from time to time make the briefing in person. It will let the passengers know that YOU ARE IN CHARGE. Let them know about seat belts, seat backs in the upright position, all tables are stowed ( club tables are covered with the approved pads ), all luggage and brief cases are again properly stowed for the landing, and all cups, glassware, and meal service are stowed in the galley. And speaking of the galley, let them know that the galley also needs to be checked with every- thing properly stowed for descent and landing. Your passengers are the reason you have a job. Keep them safe! posted October 2001
  • ANOTHER SEASON, ANOTHER REASON, to think about slippery runways. Don't forget, for you Falcon 2000 pilots, PERFORMANCE SUPPLEMENT 1 provides valuable information for making performance calculations when the runway is contaminated. For the Falcon 20 pilots, there is Performance Supplement No. 3 for landing perf. Info., and SPECIAL OPERATIONS No. 1 for guidance dealing with take-off. Be prepared, be ready, be safe. original posting. Revision 06/01
  • PERHAPS THIS IS TOO SIMPLE. The approach briefing should be appropriate to the task and conditions, to include courses, altitudes, profile to be flown, and crew duties and activities. The following is an actual approach briefing heard by Aviation 2000 from a Falcon crewmember ; "This airplane, that airport". We would consider this too simple an example of an approach briefing. posted 06/01
  • REMEMBER THAT WHEN TCAS II issues an RA, you are expected to respond with the appropriate vertical maneuver. Not responding because you believe you have the threat aircraft in sight could be a big mistake! For more information about TCAS II, read Advisory Circular 120-55B. posted Oct. 2001 rev. May 2003
  • THIRD CREWMEMBER or FLIGHT ATTENDANT ? If your operation consists of three crew members, does your jump seat have a quick donning or crewmember quality O2 mask and smoke goggles available in the event of an emergency? Consider it. That third person is a vital part of the crew, and should have the same equipment. original posting / revision 06/01
  • TIME TO UPDATE YOUR FLIGHT DEPARTMENTS REFERENCE LIBRARY? We found a great way to always have the flight departments reference library complete and easy to use. SUMMIT AVIATION of Golden Co. offers all of the FAR's, AIM, SB's, PTS's, etc. on CD. This system offers a terrific cross reference program, and has just about everything you will ever need. You can see more at www.summitaviation.com. No, we don't make a commission on any of this stuff. posted 06/01
  • MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO" May we remind you that your aircraft incorporates various SIGHT GAUGES to view the various liquids during a preflight. Yes, it's true. A quantity gauge in the cockpit may permit us to determine "how much," but we should also be interested in the quality as well. Does the color look right? Any foreign matter? Hey guys and gals, once in a while take a look through the little piece of glass to make sure everything is OK. Someday you may thank yourself. revision posting 06/01
  • SLOW DOWN and SMELL THE ROSES! Dassault has taken great effort to design a swept wing aircraft that has fantastic low speed handling and performance. Leading edges, fowler flaps, and a wing design that is the best in the industry! That means you can fly a stable approach on Vref, making your job easier. Boys and girls, when ATC and traffic permit, there is no reason why you can't fly it stabilized, fully configured, Vref approach (or adjusted for gusty wind conditions) each and every time. Make your job easy, not more difficult! original posting / revision 06/01
  • IS YOUR LOGBOOK UP TO DATE? Remember that FAR 61.51 talks about Pilot Logbooks, and 61.57 explains what is required to maintain recent experience to act as PIC. Take the time to look these two regulations over to ensure that your logbook (or other reliable record) is "up to date". original posting / revision 06/01
  • DON'T FORGET ABOUT THOSE FAA ADVISORY CIRCULARS! WE DON'T. Although there are some of you (we don't want to mention any names) that don't think of the FAA as a source of operational and safety information for corporate flight departments, in fact, they have a tremendous amount of information available through AC's. Head on down to your local FSDO and pick up a copy of AC 00-2.11 Advisory Circular Checklist and status of other FAA Publications for sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). It's a great way to ensure that your flight department library has everything you may need. original posting / revision 06/01


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the FALCON 2000 !!! Feb. 2015 Cert Feb 1995 20 YEARS 03/06/2015
  • An Aviation milestone: It was 40 years ago that the Falcon 20 took it's first flight on MAY 4 1963. The DA-20 has proven itself as one of the best corporate aircraft, ever. sept 25, 2013
  • ANOTHER FALCON MILESTONE: July 10, 2009 marked another historic day for Dassault Aviation, being the delivery of the 2000th. Falcon corporate aircraft. Appropriately being a Falcon 2000, as it was destine to be. From Aviation 2000, we wish you continued success designing and manufacturing the finest aircraft in the world. posted 10-15-2009
  • AVIATION 2000 INC. CHOSEN TO CONDUCT FLIGHT TEST FOR COLLINS PRO-LINE 21 SYSTEM FOR FALCON 2000: The COLLINS upgrade program for the original installation of the Pro-Line 4 system with the latest version of the COLLINS PRO-LINE 21, completed flight tests at West Star Aviation at Alton IL. by Aviation 2000 Inc. aboard SN:015 on March 11th. 2011. The installation will later receive final approval by the FAA. posted 03-20-12
  • WET or CONTAMINATED ? For you Falcon 2000 folks, remember that the BFL Wet charts provided in the AFM work for wet runways with up to a depth of 3mm (0.12 in.) of equivalent water. For anything deeper, 3mm (0.12 in.) up to the maximum of 12.7mm (0.50 in.) the use of Performance Manual Supplement #1 (applicability : All A/C) is suggested. original posting / revision 06/01 RE-POSTED 04-08-09
  • FALCON 2000: Slats+Flaps 20 or 10? There seems to be some misunderstanding as to which configuration is the standard, and which configuration is the alternative procedure. Note that the AFM references that the S+20 configuration is the standard take-off selection, with the S+10 selection to be used as referenced in DTM537 5-150-3. Also note that FAR Part 36 Requirements for Noise Levels are based on S+20 only. Also note that Operations on Contaminated Runways DTM537 Annex 6, and DTM538 Supplement 1 only provide charts for S+20. Lets be careful with this, OK? 04-05-04 Re-Posted May 2006
  • DA-2000 - REVISED (again) APU Start Procedure: Well, it is now official as per AFM Temp. Change No. 124. Start the APU with the BLEED switch set to AUTO. This AFM change returns the procedure as it was originally stated back in 95'. posted 04-18-05
  • FEB 2, 2005: If anyone was paying attention, the Falcon 2000 turned 10 years old today! FAA / JAA Certificated on Feb. 2, 1995. Already a classic and one of the truly great planes. posted 02-02-05
  • Cross Wind Landings - "getting it right" : Not a month goes by without at least one landing incident / accident of a corporate aircraft during crosswind conditions, and documented by the NTSB in their final report as "pilot error". These NTSB reports nearly always state as their conclusion being.........excess speed during approach and failure to maintain directional control. For those of us who operate Dassault aircraft, we should be taking advantage of the aircrafts low Vref speeds and exception rudder authority. There is no need to pad approach speed. Observe the scheduled speeds and do not include any speeds additives beyond Operations Manual suggestions. Take some time to read Dassault's Service Advisory FSA2000-00-20-01. It will explain it all. In addition, take a look at FAA FAR 25.485. It will explain the better technique for landing to touchdown allowing much greater control and safety. Good Landings. 10-08
  • HGS: The Heads Up Guidance system installed in the Falcon 2000 continues to prove itself as an excellent tool for the pilot maintaining greater situational awareness and diligence to safe traffic separation. In addition, during take-off it provides safe flight path information as calculated for second-segment climb, and for landing offering flight path to touch-down information with improved Vref & energy management. There are very few reasons why the HGS cannot be used for each and every phase of flight. It makes you job easier and offers much greater margins for safety. "Go ahead and take advantage of it". Sept. 2008
  • FEBRUARY 15th 2005: DASSAULT rolls out the 7X, the first Fly-by-Wire business jet.
  • FALCON 2000 RIGHT ROLL TENDENCY DURING HIGH ALTITUDE CRUISE: As many operators have already discovered, the DA-2000 has a tendency to display a right rolling tendency during cruise flight, which is a normal occurrence due to the difference in materials reaction to decreased temperatures at higher altitudes. To eliminate any Auto-Pilot Mistrim indications, set aileron trim (typically 5% to the left) and rudder trim as necessary, and then engage the AP. More about this can be read in DFJ Falcon Service Advisory FSA2000-27-10-0. posted Feb. 2005
  • CONGRATULATIONS: The Falcon 2000 EX eASY received FAA Type Certification 06/22/04. Nice going Dassault Falcon Jet !
  • FALCON 2000 TOWBARLESS TOWING OPERATION: This topic has been discussed for several years, and we now have official guidance. AFM Temp. Chg. 125 references the Ground Service Manual DTM551. Only the LEKTRO tug fitted with the special interface tool is to be used. 05/04
  • FALCON 2000 FRESH WATER SYSTEM: To ensure a fresh system they suggest the use of PUROGENE as an additive for the water treatment procedure. Posted 01-04-04
  • Monitor the Re-Fueling Process: When ground service is refueling your Falcon 2000, make sure that they are grounding the aircraft properly utilizing the grounding connection point for their static line. The proper point on the aircraft is on the backside of the RH main strut between the tires. Although there is also a coupling-to-grounding connection located on the right side of the fueling control panel, I have yet to see the correct type for this used by our U.S. FBOs. The line service "jamming" an incorrect size connector into this port is only causing damage to the threads. Be careful and make sure they do it right ! And don't forget to make sure they ground; airplane to truck, and airplane / truck to earth. See the GROUND SERVICE MANUAL DTM551. posted 07-17-03
  • Congratulations to Dassault Aviation: 03/25/03 The Falcon 2000EX awarded FAA/JAA TYPE CERTIFICATE. From Aviation 2000 Inc. to the entire Dassault FalconJet Team, we wish you continued success, and the best of luck with the new addition to your fantastic line up of aircraft. Another job well done! Posted 03/27/05
  • A quiet milestone: May 4, 2003 marked 40 years since the Mystere Falcon 20 took its first flight at Merignac France with Rene’ Bigand and Jean Dillaire at the controls. “Still one of the all time great aircraft.” Posted 05/01/03
  • Oxygen: FALCON 2000 - Check O2 system with a minimum of 1500 psi for dispatch (AFM 4-100-1 ). The walk-around O2 bottle is a second source of oxygen that the crew can utilized if an emergency condition exists, and as a third source, the PBE's (smoke hoods) contain a 15 minute supply of O2 for each crew member. BE PREPARED! Posted Sept. 2002
  • EMU, THE FLIGHTLESS BIRD, or "What happens when you don't know what to do with those flaps". If it's a Falcon 20, it's Flaps 10/15 vs. Flaps 10/15 with speed increase, or Flaps zero. If it's a Falcon 2000, it's Flaps 20 vs. Flaps 10. In either case, remember that a specific flap setting provides you a means of optimizing performance for specific conditions. If you have to think about it, it's time to look at those charts again. original posting / revision 06/01
  • FAA MMEL's: As of Oct. 2002, the Falcon 2000 FAA MMEL is up to rev. no. 5. Rev. May 03.


  • "I've lost a friend and mentor" - FRANK M. HORVATH Nov. 13, 1930 - Mar. 16, 2011 : If we are lucky as aviators, we each will have the privilege to have a really good flight instructor during any phase of our career. I have been very lucky to have had several instructors, one of which was Frank Horvath. He was my mentor as I learned to become a Dassault Falcon I.P. I wonder how many pilots where trained by Frank during their own careers, either in the Air Force or civilians flying Dassault aircraft. I am very thankful and lucky to have been one of the thousands of pilots that Frank trained during his own amazing and extensive aviation career. He was a great pilot.

    Frank Horvath

    • "LT. COL. F. M. Horvath, thank you for your service to your country."
    • "frank, thank you for being a friend"........... your buddy Brian posted 03-26-2011
  • Scott Crossfield 10-02-21 to 04-20-06 Aviation 2000 honors a great man.
    Aeronautical Engineer, Test Pilot, American Pioneer.

    Scott Crossfield



  • AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE...................Always maintain control, and don't hit anything.
  • As AVIATION 2000 moves into its 11th. year of operation, we wish to thank everyone for their support and confidence, and we promise to continue providing the very best service possible. 04-08-09
  • Have a question? You don't have to be a customer to ask for info. If you or your flight department are looking for information concerning the aircraft and it's operation, we have a vast library to draw on. And it's free! Oct. 2009
  • AVIATION 2000 INC. "SAVES TIME AND MONEY, and provides the very best training."; With the current financial atmosphere, every flight department has the same objective, save time and money and work within an ever shrinking budget. By alternating annual training between on-site training with Aviation 2000, and your chosen FAR Part 142 simulator training provider, you can save your department a considerable amount of money. Call us and we'll provide a cost comparison. 04-08-09
  • SIMPLE WORDS OF WISDOM: "Don't rush, take your time. Work as a team and help each other. If your not sure about something, ask! Keep it simple, and always remember the basics; Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate. Fly Safe! "
  • Question. Why don't aircraft manufacturers put windows in the lavatory? Not like anyone is going to peak in at you at FL410. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little more light in there? I was just wondering. Feb. 2005
  • A Successful Career In Aviation Made Simple: You start off with a full bag of luck, and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck.
  • SIMPLE WORDS OF WISDOM: "Don't rush, take your time. Work as a team and help each other. If your not sure about something, ask! Keep it simple, and always remember the basics; Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate. Fly Safe! "
  • Stop complaining! If you want to make things better, and have a suggestion on how to do so, let someone know! Call or write the FAA. They can make a difference. And remember, submitting a A.S.R.P. NASA Form 277 can also make a difference. posted 07/01
  • The most important piece of advice about flying that I ever heard, "ALWAYS KEEP IT UNDER CONTROL, AND DON'T HIT ANYTHING ". 06/01










  • FYI...............Olive Anne joins the team here at A2000. She came onboard in November 08'. Tilly Rose, Maggie Mae, and Grace Mary-Louise are still not sure about the whole idea.
  • Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. 01-27-06
  • Again I must remind you that A Dog’s a Dog - A Cat’s a Cat. – T. S. Eliot
  • "You know that you're special when you have been ignored by a cat"
  • "NOTE: References to cats by way of quotes, humor, art, or any other form, as presented within this section of our site, is intended as entertainment only. It in no way suggests that it is our opinion that cats are better than dogs. However, if you're a cat person, you'll understand all of this. Thank you."
  • You know your someone special when a cat ignores you. posted Feb. 05
  • "Cats are smarter than dogs. Go ahead and ask them."
  • Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world – the clock and the cat. Emile-August Chartier
  • “All right,” said the Cheshire Cat; and this time vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone. - Lewis Carroll
  • " Never hold a Dust Buster and a cat at the same time "

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