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Pilot and Crew Training Services Falcon 2000/2000EX and Falcon 20/20-5

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Falcon 2000

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Brian Mott & Jason Ceminsky

FAA Certified Flight Instructors

Falcon 20

FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner

FAA Approved Training

  • Flight Training conducted in accordance with U.S. DOT / FAA CFR 14 FAR Part 61
  • Flight School Training Curriculum in accordance with U.S. DOT / FAA CFR 14 Advisory Circular 61-89E, as applicable
  • Approved Training Provider in accordance with Section 113 Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA), U.S. Department of Justice 28 CFR Part 105, Flight Training Candidate Checks Program FTC
  • FAA Designated Airman Certification Representative for;
    • Commercial/Instrument
    • Flight Instructor Renewal (FIRE)
    • Remote Pilot (PRE)
    • Foreign Pilot (FPE)
    • Military Competence (MCE)
    • Ground Instructor (GIE)

Available Training

  • Complete Initial Pilot Training
  • Refresher / Recurrent Training
  • Pilot Upgrade Training
  • Second In Command Training
  • Customized Training Services
  • Instructor-Pilot Services
  • Initial Operational Experience
    • (I.O.E.)Ride Along Service
  • ATP / Type Rating Flight Checks
  • 61.58 12/24 Month Flight Checks
  • Second-In-Command Type Rating

Insurance Approved Training

  • Approved by Major U.S. Insurance Underwriters.
  • "For more than six years Aviation 2000 has been on our list of recognized training schools for the Falcon 2000 model."  Major U.S. Underwriter
  • "It supports my position that a combination of simulator and in-airplane training is best. Where good quality in-airplane training is available, I suggest that companies alternate between the two modes-whether they are training annually or semi annually."  Office of General Aviation Safety - Major U.S. Underwriter
  • "Your facility is currently on our approved list."  Major U.S. agent-underwriter specializing in Falcons
  • "We appreciate the professional service and value your company (Aviation 2000 Inc.) provides our members."  NBAA, July 2003

About Aviation 2000

Established as an independent pilot training organization, and incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania in 1998, Aviation 2000 Inc. provides quality on-site pilot/crew training services, based upon its unique experience and background, to corporate flight departments operating Dassault Falcon 2000 and Falcon 20 aircraft. We are located here in beautiful Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania.

Our service can be used as a stand-alone training provider for your flight department, or as a means of augmenting or supplementing your current simulator based training program. We can also assist with your own in house training program, offering our experience and expertise to your training department.

To a new Falcon operator, we can train your crews at time of delivery, and assist in getting the aircraft on line. If you have already been provided slots at a simulator based training center, we can offer our service for your crews Initial Operating Experience (I.O.E.), to ensure safe and proper operation of the aircraft during start up.

Mission Statement

Aviation 2000 Incorporated has been established to provide the general aviation community with quality aviation training in a safe and effective manner.

Our mission is to conduct training to the highest standards, in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation Administration regulations, and as per the aircraft manufacturer's recommendations for the safe and correct operation of the aircraft. Our goal is to assure that the best possible service is always provided, and that our customers are completely satisfied with the results. We offer and conduct this service in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible.

In addition, the Aviation 2000 Inc. FAA Designated Pilot Examiner / Pilot Proficiency Examiner will ensure that all airman's certification or proficiency checks are administered in accordance with regulations applicable to designation, and to the highest standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Brian Lee Mott
President and Chief Flight Instructor


  • ATP DA-20
  • DA-200
  • DA-50
  • DA-900
  • DA-2000
  • DA-2000eASY
  • CFII Airplane Single/Multi-engine Instrument Airplane


  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
  • ATP / DA-20 / 2000
  • FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner
  • 61.58 DA-20 / 2000
  • FAA Designated Airman Certification Representative for;
    • Commercial/Instrument
    • Flight Instructor Renewal(FIRE)
    • Remote Pilot (PRE)
    • Foreign Pilot (FPE)
    • Military Competence (MCE)
    • Ground Instructor (GIE)


  • Certified Flight Instructor since 1979
  • Authorized Instructor Pilot, Dassault Aircraft since 1988
  • FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner since 1989
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner since 1990


  • DA-2000 factory training by Dassault Aviation, Istres France 1995
  • CFE factory training, 1994
  • Collins Avionics training, 1994
  • DA-20-5 training, Garrett / Falcon Jet, Springfield IL / Little Rock AR 1989
  • TFE Factory training, Phoenix AZ 1986
  • DA-200 factory training, Falcon Jet, Little Rock, AR. 1991

Laurie Mott
Vice President Operations


  • Office Manager
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Records
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Service / Flight Following
  • 1999 through 2019
  • Recipient "EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR" Award
  • Top contender for 2020


How We Conduct Training

Aviation 2000 has established specific guidelines to ensure that academic training and flight training are accomplished to the highest standards. Academic training is provided at an operational level. Flight training is conducted under strict safety guidelines, and always within the aircrafts flight limitations, and the pilot's experience level and capability.

We conduct training in your aircraft, and at your facility or at any location that would be convenient for the event. We can even accomplish the scheduled training at an enroute location working within your flight schedule.

Safety is always the #1 priority. Each course of training includes the operational topics specific to aircraft type. In addition, we include topics specific to pilot operation, such as issues dealing with Regulations, ATC, Weather, Utilization of Avionics, Safety Issues, and other items that we feel complete the training experience. We train to your department's SOPs. We supply all training materials, and if your facility does not have accommodations (conference room) for conducting the academic training, we will be glad to make those arrangements.

Humble Beginnings: The first group of Falcon 2000 pilots trained by Dassault Aviation, Istres France, Jan. 1995. Instructor/Test Pilot John Pus (front row, sunglasses). Yours truly, Brian Mott, back row.

Pilot Training Courses Available

Falcon 2000 / 2000EX and Falcon 20 /Falcon 20-5 Retro-Fit

Initial Pilot Training: 

7-9 days, 42 hours academic training, 6 hours of flight training per pilot, 6 hours of pre/post flight briefing. If required, additional day scheduled for type rating check.

Refresher/Recurrent Training with 61.58 PIC:

2-3 days, 12 hours standard academic training, 3 hours selected academic training, 3 hours flight training per pilot to include 61.58 PIC check, 3 hours pre/post flight briefing.

Second in Command Pilot Training with 61.55 Endorsement:

4-5 days, 32 hours academic training, 3 hours flight training to include 61.55 check, 3 hours pre/post flight briefing. Will include SIC Type Rating if requested

Pilot Upgrade Training 

(Previous Training With Aviation 2000 Inc. Required):  
4 days, 32 hours academic training, 3 hours flight training, 6 hours pre/post flight briefing. Day 5 scheduled for type rating check.

Customized Training Courses:

If requested, we will provide a training syllabus customize to suit the flight departments specific requirements, and conduct the training, qualification, or re-qualification of pilots and flight crews.

Initial Operation Experience (I.O.E.):

If your crew has trained at a simulator based training center, upon completion, we can provide on-site flight line supervision and continued training during the initial start-up of operation. Call for details.

Advanced Airmanship Training Course:

Duration and content of course customized to specific operation and desired training to be accomplished.

See PTS-8081-5 for details on specific courses of training.
Note: For an ATP applicant, the required check can be administered in conjunction with the type rating check ride. See PTS 8081-5C

Course content and duration subject to alteration based on trainee experience and background. Scheduled event can be modified to suite flight department requirement.

FAA Designated Examiner

If your flight department provides in-house training, requires or requests only the services of a D.E. or P.P.E., we can administer ATP checks, Type Rating checks, or 61.58 PIC checks. All checks are scheduled in accordance with the applicable FAA regulations, the Examiners Handbook, and the Practical Test Standards.

Note: A PPE's testing privileges are not limited to the designating FSDO's geographical area of responsibility.

All tests conducted by a DE must originate within the FSDO's geographical area, unless prior request has been made and granted by the designating FSDO.

A flat fee is charged per individual application / check administered. All expenses incurred including travel and lodging are billed at cost.

Aviation 2000 INC Contact Information

Please contact Aviation 2000 using the information below. We will be happy to discuss your training needs and requirements and then tailor a program that best fits your flight department's profile and schedule. Our goal is to provide safe and effective training and we best accomplish this in a relaxed casual environment.

Aviation 2000 INC:

Mobile Phone: 610.698.3557

Email: aviation2000-at-AOL-dot-com